Friday 22 June 2018

We'll happily stay at home with the children: but only if we can afford the staff, thanks

A survey says 62pc of mothers would rather stay at home than work. Yet few mothers feel valued in the home, writes Sarah Caden

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(stock photo)

Sarah Caden

My nine-year-old daughter is reading a book called Wave Me Goodbye, ostensibly about World War II. It has given rise to various conversations, among which was one about how, in the absence of the young men at the front, the women stepped into the workplace.

After the war, I told her, the men returned and wanted their jobs back and a lot of the women regretted returning to work solely in the home. They had discovered having options, and there was no going back.

It was the experience of those women, I told her, that contributed a great deal to where women are today.

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