Saturday 18 November 2017

Video and the radio star - George Hook's concerns about technology

He loves technology, but George Hook worries about its possible adverse effects on the human race

George Hook is concerned about technology side-effects.
George Hook is concerned about technology side-effects.

My best friend and I sat in the car waiting for the AA man to come. No, we were not drunks, but rather technically incompetent car owners. The problem? We could not find the spare wheel in the car. The dastardly French who had designed the Peugeot, instead of putting the crucial item in the boot, had hidden it under the car.

The man in the yellow van fixed the problem, but motor cars have remained a mystery to me all my life. I once had to break the petrol cap on a rental car because I did not know there was a switch next to the driver's seat. And I have never been able to open the bonnet of any car I've owned since my first Ford Cortina, 50 years ago.

Even now, after three months, as my burgeoning wealth has me in a Mercedes, I cannot find the slot for my Elvis Presley CD. Why, then, with this history of failure, have I become such a whizz with phones, computers and the attendant social media? The answer lies in the past; the 1980s, in fact. The video recorder was becoming an item in Irish households at the time, but setting the timer to record a movie and, more importantly, a rugby match, was a nightmare.

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