Sunday 25 February 2018

It's fair: Pensioners still pay less tax than workers

Thomas Molloy

Thomas Molloy

IT may seem petty and nasty to slap another tax on pensioners, but it makes sense. Even if pensioners begin paying USC (universal social charge) at the same rate as the rest of the population, they will still pay less tax than wage slaves on the same income.

That's because pensioners don't pay PRSI and have different tax brackets to the working population. This leaves them with considerably more free income than most workers who must pay for the cost of getting to work as well as children, mortgages and the like.

Oh, and don't forget the free medical care thanks to medical cards, which are handed out much more often to the elderly. Or the free travel, cheap electricity and various other benefits such as TV licences and fuel allowances. That's on top of one of the most generous pensions in the world.

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