Thursday 18 October 2018

That rhino could kill an elephant ... or me

John Masterson had a gold standard man cold
John Masterson had a gold standard man cold

John Masterson

They call it the rhinovirus. There are a family of them and they are all nasty. Apparently the word comes from the 'rhin' being the Greek for nose. These little monsters give us the common cold. I assumed the source of the word was because this pesky virus could fell a rhino. Or me. Which last week it successfully did.

I realise that in the grand scheme of things a dose of the common cold is a mere inconvenience. People have far greater crosses to bear. But the common cold that felled me last week brought a full complement of self-pity and self-centredness and frankly, for 48 hours my brain and emotions were AWOL and I would not have lifted a finger if my neighbours were under nuclear attack.

I had the flu once so I am scrupulous about getting the jab in November. I do not want it again. Most years I get a head cold and soldier on and after a week or so I am back to normal. But this was a gold standard man cold. On Saturday I felt emotional for no good reason and I have noticed in the past that that is a sign that my body is fighting an infection. I refused a glass of wine which is also odd. It all made sense when I woke up on Sunday poleaxed.

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