Monday 11 December 2017

Supreme failings lie in a lack of attention given to our courts

Forget Trump's Twitter tantrums, we should take more notice of events in our judiciary, writes Eoin O'Malley

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Stock photo

Eoin O'Malley

Though you will be forgiven for not noticing, the appointment to one of the most senior policy-making positions in the country was made a fortnight ago. RTE thought the appointment of Frank Clarke as Ireland's new Chief Justice was a minor story, relegating it to third place, behind the latest Trump farce and something else, already forgotten.

We cover every toilet break in the Trump White House as if it were earth-shattering, whereas a dull but crucial German election goes unnoticed.

We give electoral politics in Ireland huge attention: transfer patterns in villages in west Kerry are parsed endlessly for what they might tell us, but unless there's a political controversy, as there was with the Maire Whelan appointment, we treat the appointment of judges as if they don't matter.

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