Friday 21 September 2018

Sorry, I am on the phone. Most of the time

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John Masterson

'I forced myself to read a book last weekend," I overheard a young woman say to her friends as I drank coffee. Her companion was shocked. She openly admitted that she hadn't the attention span for a serious book any more. It turned out that the book the first woman had read was a John Grisham so there was the thriller aspect to keep her going. Her friend was fairly confident that she wouldn't even manage that. I felt that pleasant glow of superiority that I am now aware was probably misplaced.

Their joint problem, if it is indeed a problem, was that they were both spending far too much time on their smartphones. They were wondering if they were addicted to social media. I wasn't wondering. One was fighting it. The other said she still loved the last half hour of scrolling before going to sleep.

This eavesdropping prompted me to ask a few people about their smartphone habits.

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