Wednesday 13 December 2017

We're too busy being paranoid to help a child in distress

We are now wary of strangers, no matter how small
We are now wary of strangers, no matter how small
More than 600 people ignored a lost child in a TV experiment
An experiment in Norway did find that people gave their jackets to a freezing child at a bus stop
Sinead Moriarty

Sinead Moriarty

What would you do if you saw a little girl alone in a shopping centre? Would you approach her? Would you walk by her? Would you even notice she was there? The UK's Channel 5 has filmed a programme called 'Little Girl Lost', to show how we have become a 'walk-on-by' society.

During the social experiment, a five-year-old girl was placed in a crowded shopping centre clutching her doll, looking lost and asking for help. Over 600 people walked by until eventually a grandmother stopped to help her.

It seems cold and callous that she was ignored by so many. In a way, the most shocking thing about the programme was that most people didn't even seem to notice the child. They were far too busy talking into phones, checking e-mails or rushing around. The girl's mother, who was watching from a distance, was shocked to see her daughter ignored.

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