Saturday 24 February 2018

Shane Ross: Machetes, crossbows... all in a day's work for Josephine


GERRY Ryan mentioned her in glowing terms on his radio show on Friday. Josephine Feehily, Ireland's leading taxman, is an unlikely raver -- but the media is covering her gigs with an interest that no other revenue boss has enjoyed.

Down at the Revenue, they abhor the cult of the personality. Last week, as she launched the annual report, the most they would say about her was that she had a sense of humour, but gentle Josephine has prompted plenty of media curiosity. And she is feeding their interest.

Josephine' s tax squads are having a ball. Last year she bought them a brand new 23.6-metre seagoing vessel, the RCC Faire, to cruise around Ireland 's ports. Its crew are now among Ireland's most profitable sailors. Courtesy of a new container scanner they have been picking up machetes and crossbows by the lorryload among their 227 seizures of offensive weapons, including discoveries of gases, guns and explosives.

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