Saturday 16 December 2017

Shane Ross: Hand back the handshake


Shane Ross

Today I celebrate 25 years off the demon drink by listening to Miriam Meets on RTE radio. My wonderful 90-year-old mother took the programme by storm, telling Miriam O'Callaghan her version of our life story and pedigree. She was the star of a show which matches relations and friends in a threesome with Miriam.

With glorious insensitivity to my lifetime's crusade against bankers, she revealed that banker's blood runs through my veins. Her father worked for Lloyds Bank in the 1930s.

Happily, she kept a few secrets to herself. Being outed as a banker's grandson is bad enough (in reality he was a magic grandfather) but the wily old bird -- still by far the cleverest member of my family -- taught me a lesson that the selective release of information is a skill that blossoms with age. Perhaps her top- secret code-breaking activities in the war years provided the discipline necessary for such discretion.

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