Saturday 18 November 2017

Callely gets his comeuppance in the public's eyes – but does punishment fit the crime?

Ivor Callely
Ivor Callely
Former TD and senator Ivor Callely (centre) with his legal team, outside the courts during the case.

WHO said politicians never go to prison in this country? After Ivor Callely's five- month custodial sentence yesterday, that myth has been nailed once and for all.

If the former TD and senator had been an ordinary Joe Bloggs who fraudulently claimed €4,207.45 from his employer and paid it all back (albeit when it seemed that he was about to be rumbled), does anybody think Callely would be spending the next few months in jail?

It's actually the inverse of the traditional claim that there is one law for politicians and one law for everybody else.

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