Friday 19 October 2018

Sarah Carey: Pilates gave me cancer

The Internet wasn't concerned about the lump Sarah Carey had under her arm, but it was going to take money and drama to get official confirmation

Stock photo
Stock photo
Sarah Carey

Sarah Carey

Though I'm a regular consultant of Dr Google, I'm not one to presume the worst. So when I noticed a bothersome lump under my arm, I diagnosed myself cautiously. Nothing about my putative tumour fulfilled the criteria for cancer. It was moveable and tender. Cancer presents as a hard, immovable lump.

But there was no inflammation, so that ruled out an abscess or lymph node infection. It had mysteriously appeared, so it wasn't some natural quirk of my anatomy. Therefore, I did the entirely rational thing, and concluded it was a benign mystery, upon which it was best not to dwell.

Nurturing anxiety

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