Thursday 14 December 2017

We should stop moaning and embrace Brexit change

We are a clever, talented little nation that should ignore the irrelevant carry on and hysteria, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards

Theresa May announced that Britain will invoke article 50 in March 2017 Picture: Reuters
Theresa May announced that Britain will invoke article 50 in March 2017 Picture: Reuters
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Ruth Dudley Edwards

When it comes to Brexit, we can resist all change or we can act like the agile, clever, articulate, opportunist little nation we are capable of being. The die-hard faction was symbolised yesterday by "Border Communities Against Brexit", that gathered at six different locations to promise no surrender.

Led by Sinn Fein, which opposed the EU for more than 40 years and still condemns its economic policy, in the words of MEP Martina Anderson, who last year was loudly denouncing "anti-democratic actions of the ECB, IMF, and the European Commission", it is galvanising opposition to "the British government's plans to drag us out of Europe against our democratically expressed position". Sinn Fein, the reactionary party, is now the most vocal of those insisting Northern Ireland must stay tied to the apron strings of the European Commission, even though mammy is mean with the sweets and threatens us with the wooden spoon. It is one of the small group of NI parties demanding a judicial review of Brexit.

Then there's the "Civic Dialogue" which is supposed to fashion an all-Ireland strategy challenging Brexit, but which will be a complete waste of time since no unionist parties will attend. All this and other irrelevant carry on is going on against a background of quite absurd and ill-informed, Anglophobic hysteria.

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