Thursday 23 November 2017

Time to call off the lynch mob: the nuns were victims too

We compound injustice against the vulnerable when we rush to judgement, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards

Nora Wall
Nora Wall
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Ruth Dudley Edwards

Here we go again on one of our periodic episodes of lynching the clergy. Since sexual scandals concerning the Irish Catholic Church erupted in the 1990s, Irish society - previously distinguished by craven deference - has turned on its clergy and shown no mercy.

Question any allegations against priests or nuns these days and you instantly attract bucket-loads of obloquy.

Social media makes it worse, as herds of virtue-signallers rival each other in the volume of their hysterical screaming down of anyone who worries about rushing to judgment. Those same people who, 30 years ago, would have been kissing bishops' rings deferentially, continue galloping madly in the other direction and traducing good priests and nuns as they go.

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