Thursday 22 February 2018

The Firm shows dazed newshounds who's boss

Ruth Dudley Edwards was entertained by cringe-inducing moments from hacks on royal baby watch

Ruth Dudley Edwards

Ruth Dudley Edwards

'WOMAN HAS BABY', said the cover of Private Eye last week. And, in much smaller letters, 'INSIDE: Some other stuff'.

If the decent King George III is mainly remembered for being mad, the birth of the future George VII (assuming there's still a monarchy or indeed a nation for him to be king of) will be remembered for the madness of the media.

Any time I felt particularly in need of a laugh I'd switch on a 24-hour news programme and observe exhausted, sweaty hacks from all over the world trying desperately to think of something to say. Some of these poor wretches had been camping for days outside a London hospital looking at a door, asking each other inane questions and waiting for any scrap of news or unsubstantiated rumour to maul to death. Meanwhile, most of the drama was provided by the photographers as they snapped anything that moved and plenty that didn't while trying not to fall off their tall ladders.

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