Wednesday 17 October 2018

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Victims of Troubles haven't gone away, you know

If Martin McGuinness became President it could be disastrous for tourism here, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards

Poor Martin McGuinness. It's difficult for an ill-tempered man to keep his cool when journalists are asking him questions he doesn't want to hear and the bereaved are queuing up to remind him of murders he wants us to forget. By taking Miriam O'Callaghan aside to rebuke her for lese majeste and getting Shinners to complain, he hopes other journalists will be intimidated into quiescence, and that RTE will be more craven than usual.

Presumably his handlers will seek to protect him from the embarrassment of meeting another David Kelly. The trouble is, Martin, the victims haven't gone away, you know. And there are plenty of them -- abroad as well as at home. Despite your pleas, they haven't moved on and they're beginning to speak out.

If McGuinness becomes President, foreign visits will be an interesting problem for the Department of Foreign Affairs for -- despite his heroic lying -- foreign governments believe that he has been a senior IRA leader for most of his life.

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