Saturday 17 March 2018

Ruth Dudley Edwards: So who should we expel from Ireland?

For the New Year, Ruth Dudley Edwards has been making a list ranging from politicians to pop stars

NOW for another round of the therapeutic party game in which participants fight over who should be expelled from Ireland. Here are my modest proposals.

The Aherns, Bertie and Dermot, were at the top of my list last year, too. Bertie was there last year for insisting our economic disasters had nuttin' to do with him. This year, he powered further ahead of the posse for demeaning his position as an ex-Taoiseach by crouching in a cupboard for a toe- curling News of the World TV advertisement while still thinking himself a credible future president.

While Dermot had aroused my ire in 2009 by his assault on free speech, he has taken my breath away in 2010 by thinking himself entitled to retire at 55 with a pension of €128,300 after 23 years as a TD and 13 in Cabinet. Had he been in the private sector, he would have had to contribute around €35,000 a month to build up the €6.8m pension-pot the taxpayer has unwittingly provided. I'll make room on the deportation plane for the equally greedy and brass-necked Noel Dempsey, 57.

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