Tuesday 21 November 2017

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Royals have learnt from their mistakes

Sarah Ferguson and Diana Spencer were both fragile -- but Kate is resilient, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards

'What's not working in your life?" enquired a life coach of Sarah, Duchess of York. "My head," she responded, with admirable accuracy.

The head of poor 'Fergie' -- as the tabloids christened the one-time Miss Ferguson -- has never worked too well, though in compensation the heart works overtime. What the woman seems to want is to be loved by family, friends and the public, but her very public gaffes and scandals have made her mostly an object of ridicule.

She's in the news at the moment because Oprah Winfrey has become her mentor. So affected was Oprah by Sarah's despair at having appeared on television drunkenly offering access to ex-husband Prince Andrew for vast sums of money and subsequently at her exclusion from the royal wedding, that she decided to help her rebuild her life. So Oprah has financed Finding Sarah, a reality-TV series in which experts ("We're here to help") advise Sarah on how to make a real beginning to her new journey. This requires that along with the watching millions she learns "why I kept self-sabotaging all these years". She's "moving on with strength and positivity". Sarah speaks fluent American gobbledygook.

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