Thursday 22 February 2018

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Journalist and renowned historian Robert Kee's major intellectual passion was Ireland

Journalist and renowned historian's major intellectual passion was Ireland, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards

IN October 1989, after the Guildford Four's 1975 convictions had been quashed and they had been released, I wrote a letter of congratulation to Robert Kee. It was typical of him that he responded with a characteristically self-deprecating note saying this couldn't have happened without the work of people like me.

Balderdash. All most people like me did was sign petitions and harangue the odd politician or diplomat about what seemed a manifest injustice. But it was Kee who did the patient research work and produced – in 1986 – Trial and Error: Maguires, the Guildford Pub Bombings and British Justice.

The Maguires' verdicts would be overturned in 1991.

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