Thursday 26 April 2018

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Crackpot cult leader Hubbard was the third person in TomKat's marriage

Actress's fears daughter would be 'brainwashed' by Scientology seem well founded, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards

THERE were three in the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes -- and no, I'm not referring to John Travolta, despite fevered speculation that he and Cruise are secret lovers. Listen, you evangelical gays, women are sick and tired of your insistence that any good-looking man claiming to be straight is really in the closet. Get over it.

The late ghastly crackpot L Ron Hubbard and his earthly minions, however, have been ever-present in the Cruise-Holmes relationship from the moment when she agreed to undergo brainwashing -- sorry, enlightenment -- so she could be a suitable wife to Scientology's poster-boy.

Tom is so senior in the cult that he is thought to be in possession of its most advanced revelations about Xenu, the tyrannical ruler of the Galactic Confederacy, who has a starring role in the hogwash invented by Hubbard to gain control of vulnerable people and extract money from them.

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