Monday 23 April 2018

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Boris, Cameron, and the green-eyed monster

The British PM must be seething inside over the outpouring of affection for London's mayor, says Ruth Dudley Edwards

A friend and I recently tried to imagine how David Cameron feels about Boris Johnson. We thought his stream-of-consciousness goes something like this: "How unfair is this -- 60,000 at an eve-of-Olympics rock concert in Hyde Park and who are they shouting for?

Bloody Boris. Dammit, he's also an Old Etonian who was in the blasted Bullingdon Club wearing tails and throwing things around. So why am I posh and out of touch and he's the people's Boris?

"For Christ's sake, I'm up at 5.30 working on my red boxes, yet it's implied that I'm a lazy drunk just because I said I chillaxed Sunday lunchtimes with a couple of glasses of wine. But when bloody Boris is photographed sipping champagne, everyone just cries, 'Cheers, Boris'. I'm a notoriously devoted husband and father, while Boris can't keep his trousers on. But no penalties there either of course. 'Ho, ho, ho,' they laugh indulgently. 'That's just Boris.'

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