Sunday 18 March 2018

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Black is unbowed by latest episode in prison drama

The former media magnate's fine words won't be lost on readers of his memoir, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards

THE American columnist David Frum last week recalled a six-hour prison visit to Conrad Black. "Surrounded by bars and walls, his spirit was as effervescent as ever . . . He told hilarious stories of prison life, including a meeting with a convicted mobster who greeted him as a 'fellow industrialist'."

When Frum's wife asked him how it had gone, Frum said: "I'd have been utterly depressed if Conrad had not worked so hard to cheer me up."

I felt utterly depressed when I heard that Judge St Eve had reduced Black's sentence from 78 months to 42, not just to the already served 29 his supporters had hoped for. I wrote dejectedly to him, but his response indeed cheered me up.

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