Wednesday 21 February 2018

Presidents and abbots should laugh at themselves

Abbot Mark Patrick Hederman has been foolishly over-sensitive on his friend's behalf

Michael D Higgins
Michael D Higgins
Abbot Hederman
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Ruth Dudley Edwards

I'm grateful to the Abbot of Glenstal for introducing me to the work of impressionist Oliver Callan, who up to last week was just a vague show-business name to me. But then I read Dom Mark Patrick Hederman's distressed article about how Callan was bullying, harassing and generally slagging off our President, and rushed to YouTube to see for myself.

I have to report that I laughed and sought more of the same. Callan's work can be patchy and for a Monaghan lad he's weak on northern accents, but his Enda is a hoot and his Higgins is bliss: the moment when Callan takes off Queen Elizabeth and the President squabbling over who is taller was inspired.

Incidentally, has anyone looked at Friday's priceless video of John Kerry (tall) and Francois Holland (short) trying respectively to hug (American) and cheek-kiss (French) and making a hames of it? Had the even smaller President Higgins been involved it would have been comedy gold.

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