Friday 20 April 2018

Murdoch is still burning and raving in his old age

The media mogul is back in the news again because of leaked tapes, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards

A BUSY MAN: Rupert Murdoch leads a very eventful life
A BUSY MAN: Rupert Murdoch leads a very eventful life

MY MY, doesn't Rupert Murdoch lead an interesting life?

The guy's 82 years old, he's running an enormous global media company that only a few weeks ago was split in two (News Corp and 21st Century Fox). He's been instigating innumerable management and editorial upheavals, there have been many sackings and resignations; once close colleagues (including his favourite, Rebekah Brooks) and lowlier types are facing criminal charges, he's been paying out millions to settle hundreds of law suits over phone-hacking and still the writs keep coming. He's announced he's suing for divorce a displeased wife who is unlikely to go quietly, and now he's all over the internet and papers owned by his competitors because of leaked tapes of a meeting in which he grovelled to distressed employees about his mishandling of the crisis that threatened to derail his empire.

Just trying to imagine the stress of all that makes me feel like lying down, and I'm an awful lot younger than old Rupe.

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