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Monday 19 August 2019

Once more unto beach for Julia and Glenda

Tim Wheeler enjoys Donegal with pal Julia Restoin Roitfeld
Tim Wheeler enjoys Donegal with pal Julia Restoin Roitfeld
Gay and Kathleen
Literary chat... Edna O'Brien
Pauline Bewick shares a joke with Michael D and Sabina

Tim Wheeler, Ash lead singer, is best known for the 1996 classic Girl From Mars. Last week it appeared to be a girl from France who caught his eye. The singer from Downpatrick was photographed on Marble Hill beach in Donegal with his friend Julia Restoin Roitfeld, the Gallic supermodel once described by Tom Ford as the ultimate beauty.

The daughter of former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfield, Julia was taking an Easter break and thanked Tim on her Instagram account for "another amazing trip".

She also seems to be a fan of Tim's music, posting Ash album covers on her social media. Can they be planning a duet? In any event, Julia and her daughter Romy were spotted crossing Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge in Co Antrim.

And 200 miles to the south, Xpose star Glenda Gilson was on the beach in Clifden on Good Friday with her young son and husband Rob MacNaughton. Rob has a place in Clifden.

"Bobby had his first experience of the Wild Atlantic Way. It was lovely," Glenda told me. "I went from there to judge the Mallow Races, and then we went on to Killarney for a night in the Muckross Park."

Last Tuesday, there was much craic after the show of the year at the Olympia Theatre: the Sunday Independent's Rock Against Homelessness in aid of Focus Ireland.

Camille O'Sullivan, Deirdre O'Kane, Aidan Gillen, Finbar Furey, Liam Cunningham, Bressie, Tommy Fleming, Pat McCabe, Natty Wailer, The Celtic Tenors, Laura Whitmore - who sang beautifully - and Eoghan McDermott wowed a sold-out crowd.

The party at the uber-trendy bar-du-jour The Oak on Parliament Street played host to all the acts and their pals in a beano that went on until closing. It was particularly well earned and deserved.

Those who also enjoyed the post-Rock Against Homelessness gig included Victoria Mary Clarke, Stephen Bradley (other-half of one of the big hits of the show, Deirdre O'Kane), Eoin Kellett of Cadbury (who sponsored the show), PR genius Emma Harney, Laura Whitmore's mum and dad - and my three sisters Marina, Karen and Jackie who drove me home at 1am.


Gay and Kathleen in Spain for Easter

Gay and Kathleen

Since we're all about ladies of a certain vintage in the column today (Ms O'Brien, Ms Bewick), it would be remiss of me not to tell you that Kathleen Watkins was in Spain for Easter with that ageless gadabout Gay Byrne.

Next week they will be attending the Lord Mayor's Lunch on Friday with Bono as both Gay and the U2 singer will receive the Freedom of the City of Dublin. When, I hear you ask, will The Simon Carmody Community receive the Freedom of the Hill of Killiney for all their hard work on behalf of Bono? But back to women of a certain vintage: Limerick ledge Celia Holman Lee stayed in the InterContinental in Ballsbridge with her husband Ger. I trust neither of them fell out of bed in the night. And if they did, I don't doubt Gucci-clad general manager of the InterContinental Nicky Logue would have been up in a flash to scoop them back into bed again. Westlife's Cian, Mark and Shane stayed in the hotel last Monday and Tuesday at rehearsals ahead of their upcoming dates at Croker.


Leo and Matt are all Shouk up...

I know what An Taoiseach eats, and where, is often foremost in your minds. So I don't want to disappoint you.    

At the risk of giving Oliver Callan severe indigestion, last weekend Leo and beau Matt and some friends went all middle-eastern as they dined in Shouk in Drumcondra.

"It was really good," An T told me, adding that on Easter Sunday he "caught up with some friends at the Leinster v Toulouse semi-final at the Aviva".

Literary chat... Edna O'Brien

Meanwhile, at the Mansion House last Wednesday, one of Leo's favourite authors spoke about her life and times and books.

Wearing a sparkly coat and a green bracelet - well, she did write Girl with Green Eyes - Edna O'Brien said she didn't mind being described as 88 or in her ninth decade but did rather object to having both hammered home in the same sentence.

She read from her forthcoming tome Girl, for which she recently travelled to Nigeria for research purposes. What a woman.


Pauline down to earth with a bump

Pauline Bewick shares a joke with Michael D and Sabina

There was a bump in the night in the Merrion Hotel on Spy Wednesday. Allow me to clear up the mystery for you and, more importantly, for anyone who might have been staying in the five-star establishment that night and was woken with a start.

Artist par excellence Pauline Bewick fell out of her bed. How do I know this? Because she told this little nugget to a crowd on Holy Thursday at the Aras. In her signature orange - orange has always been the new black for this national treasure - Pauline was being presented with the Kerry Association in Dublin's award for art by President Michael D.

In his speech, the President praised Pauline's wonderful ability to reflect life and nature in her art. She was joined at the ceremony by daughters Holly Melia and Poppy Melia, both also artists.

The foxy lady herself (her dress was emblazoned with a fox) thanked Michael D for his kind words before going on to crack up the entire room with the aforementioned account of how she had fallen out of her bed at the Merrion the night before.

That's Pauline for you. Always delightfully down to earth.

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