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Hoping Jamie Clarke wing-back experiment doesn't work


Jamie Clarke, Armagh

Jamie Clarke, Armagh


Jamie Clarke, Armagh

I know you can't read much into results in January so I'm not going to even attempt to draw any conclusions from the pre-season competitions. Actually, the sooner they are scrapped the better.

It would free up January for counties to have a later pre-season (not in November) and allow students concentrate on Sigerson Cup preparations.

The most interesting development in January has been Armagh's decision to deploy ace marksman Jamie Clarke at wing-back. Now I have suggested before that Jamie might be best suited to centre-forward, considering the defensive system Armagh have in place.

Wing-back is a bit extreme, but I will reserve judgment until I see him in action there. I'm imagining a free role for Jamie from that position.

The logic behind it, and Kieran McGeeney confirmed this on the show on Monday night, is that he is double-marked in the full-forward line and he will enjoy more freedom out the field.

I'm a traditionalist at heart so for me there's something not quite right about it. Imagine the Gooch at wing-back - now that's just wrong! I'm kind of hoping this Clarke experiment doesn't work.

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