Thursday 14 December 2017

Not the week for point-scoring in the Dáil about American military using Shannon

Shannon Airport
Shannon Airport

Gerard O’Regan

It's been a bad week for some of those who might be termed the "know-alls" who so often pump up the heartbeat of the nation's political chit-chat.

We seem to have more than our share of such politicians. Their stock in trade, is all-consuming, ultra-dogmatic certainty, about almost any subject under the sun. Put a microphone anywhere near them and they will sound off, super confident they have the answer, no matter how intractable, or indeed insoluble, the problem at hand may be.

Yet that feigned outward certitude can ring a bit hollow at times. All the more so given that political self-interest is usually the spur for many of their outbursts. The rules of the game is that whatever the Government says, the Opposition is "agin it". And, of course, vice versa also applies.

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