Tuesday 12 December 2017

Stupid and silly, but let’s not get carried away

FG Deputy Aine Collins
FG Deputy Aine Collins

MANY years ago, when I was a very young reporter in a male-dominated newsroom, I had to cope with ongoing lewd remarks and suggestive actions from a senior colleague. To be honest it never really got to me. I regarded him as a pest and his idea of "fun" was annoying more than anything else.

One day, when he started into his usual routine in front of "the boys", I decided to fight back. I put it up to him and gave as good as I got, even better. Suffice to say his face flushed red with embarrassment and he never bothered me again. I won.

If I had been a sensitive and weaker person, this could have really stressed me out. I probably would have complained about him to HR, or the personnel department as it was known back then, or taken a sexual harassment case. But I was well able to handle it and felt taking action could have caused me more problems.

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