Saturday 25 November 2017

The cup that cheers? No, too much boozing makes for a bore

Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny

The woman's face was vaguely familiar to me as she hove into sight among the party's throng. "Ooh…..darling! Kiss, kiss, hug, hug!" she slurred. Oh dear: so early in the evening and she's already drunk. I'll never get a word of sense out of her, I thought.

The 12 days of Christmas have sometimes been described as one long boozing session and that's just what I dislike about socialising at this time of the year. The inevitable piss artists. The glazed eyes and slurred voices: the inability to grasp a clear thought, and the conversation which consists of inane repetitions. What a drag they are, these drunks!

Then I pause to tell myself: "Don't be intolerant. Don't be a prig! Remember, you were just like one of those drunks once." That, perhaps, is part of the problem: in seeing loss of coherence, rationality, and dignity of the inebriate, I'm looking at a picture of my earlier self, which repels me.

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