Thursday 18 January 2018

Parental cheating will always defeat notions of schooling equality

Education Minister Jan O'Sullivan. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Education Minister Jan O'Sullivan. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny

There seems to be a growing body of opinion that national school admission regulations should simply be based on location. Minister Jan O'Sullivan has expressed her support for this view. You live in a certain neighbourhood - your child goes to the local school. No special priorities or exclusions on the basis, say, of religion, or any other consideration. You're in the catchment area and that's that.

This, some starry eyed idealists believe, would prevent the hypocrisy and the cheating that occurs when children are selected on a basis of parental preference, or faith values. This would bring everyone towards the sunny uplands of educational equality. Oh yeah?

Educational equality will exist the day that parents stop cheating, wheedling, lying and swindling to get their child into the school that they believe is best.

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