Tuesday 20 March 2018

Mary Kenny: summing up May 22

Reflections on the same-sex marriage referendum as a moment in our history

Mary Kenny
Mary Kenny
Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny

It's exactly three months since the same-sex marriage referendum, and a book will shortly be published about the 'Yes' side's successful campaign. We shall see whether this will explain and enlighten, or re-arouse, contentious feelings about the events of May 22.

Time lends perspective to all events. There certainly were cheerful aspects to the 'Yes' campaign. Lots of young people working overseas came home to vote, and then to celebrate the outcome joyously. As David Norris said afterwards, it was just grand to see a big crowd of people outside Dublin Castle being happy.

That was a great advantage for the 'Yes' side. It always seems more positive, more optimistic and more generous to vote 'Yes' than to vote 'No'.

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