Saturday 22 September 2018

Mary Kenny: It's a rich woman's world

Advice to the young about life choices should include guidance on money

Mary Kenny, writer and author. Photo: Tony Gavin
Mary Kenny, writer and author. Photo: Tony Gavin
Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny

There's a bit of a trend at the moment of older people giving advice to their younger selves - or, older women giving advice to younger women. Although there's also some research which claims that advice is often irrelevant and outdated and seldom heeded anyway.

But the advice I'd proffer either to my younger self, or to any school-leaver today would, I believe, stand the test of all time.

I'll repeat here a narrative I've had cause to mention before, but deserves revisiting: asking a group of my female peers what, during their lifetime, had made the greatest difference to women's lives, different individuals came up with different answers - the washing machine, the Pill, the motorcar, education, the availability of jeans, cheap air fares. But my late friend, the novelist Clare Boylan came up with the most apt answer of all: money.

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