Tuesday 20 February 2018

Mary Kenny: Hillary's wifely power path

Dynastic power is increasing - and it often helps women

Mary Kenny
Mary Kenny
Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny

By this month next year, there may be a woman in the White House leading the American nation, and by implication the free world. And what's so special about Hillary Clinton? Lots of things, no doubt, but there are two aspects of Hillary's life that I'd like to underline: firstly, she's not only a woman - she's an older woman.

Germaine Greer believes there's as much ageism in the world as sexism, and older women are particularly sidelined, ignored and patronised. Hillary will be 69 by November of 2016, so she'll be a torch-bearer for old dames as well as a pioneer for her sex.

But the second aspect of Hillary Clinton's career is also worth consideration: it's being said that another Clinton in the White House is an example of a drift toward dynastic power in world politics. Mrs Clinton succeeding her husband is compared to Indira Gandhi succeeding her father, Nehru, or Benazir Bhutto following her father, Pakistan's late leader, Zulfikar Bhutto.

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