Saturday 18 August 2018

Mary Kenny: Faith accompli?

Religious education in schools teaches about more than just doctrine

Mary Kenny, writer and author. Photo: Tony Gavin
Mary Kenny, writer and author. Photo: Tony Gavin
Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny

An increasing number of parents want to remove their children from religious education classes at school - according to Education Minister Richard Bruton - and that's entirely their right. But I now wish I'd had more RE rather than less.

I only realised that I was quite ignorant about faith issues when I entered one of these pub quizzes, and didn't know half the answers. Why did Joseph have a multi-coloured coat? Eh, not quite sure. Why was Mary Magdalene associated with the Sea of Gallilee? Pass on that one.

Where is it said that "the lion shall lie down with the lamb"? Woody Allen! The Manhattan comic quipped: "The lion may lie down with the lamb, but it doesn't mean the lamb gets a good night's sleep!"

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