Saturday 24 February 2018

What other country would refuse free help from respected experts?

One of my secret pleasures is a film called 'The Prince and The Showgirl' in which music hall performer Marilyn Monroe is pursued by Laurence Olivier, who monocles up to play a would-be seducer with both blue blood and red blood rushing through his veins.

Which leads me directly to the Global Irish Economic Forum in Dublin Castle tomorrow and Saturday. I'm not anticipating beautiful young women being pounced on by boardroom Goliaths over champagne suppers – not unless the itinerary changes dramatically in the next 24 hours. Apologies if I raised your hopes.

But every time I watch that film, featuring Olivier as the prince regent of a Ruritanian-style country, I think of Ireland: how our leaders, like Olivier's pompous and self-aggrandising character, continue to behave in a self-centred fashion at the expense of the national interest. Even after the economic collapse.

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