Saturday 16 December 2017

Melania's cribbed speech was careless, but Team Trump's lies tell us a lot more

By Ken Lee
By Ken Lee
Martina Devlin

Martina Devlin

When an explanation keeps changing, and then changing some more, you can bet your bottom dollar that lies are being peddled. What began as spin to explain away the naked plagiarism in Melania Trump's speech becomes now, after a trail of rebuttals and deflections, an inability by Team Trump to engage with the truth.

There are implications about a Trump White House to be drawn from the Melania incident. If Donald Trump's staff are prepared to lie about this, presumably with his sanction, where else will they play fast and loose with the truth?

Some say it's all a frivolous distraction, and there are more important issues to focus on. But ham-fisted though the now parodied speech was, it has been instructive. The Melania incident and its aftermath shine a light on Team Trump's modus operandi.

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