Sunday 25 February 2018

Martina Devlin: Hissy fit? Petulance? No, men simply don't like strong women

Martina Devlin

Martina Devlin

SOME men are suggesting she has a Joan of Arc complex. Others have towed her into the 'difficult woman' zone. Both are containment ploys -- let's not fall for them.

In the old days, men would have said about Roisin Shortall -- behind her back, of course, or under their breath -- "She's having her period." And they'd have sniggered as soon as she left the room.

They can no longer get away with calling women who disagree with them hormonal or menopausal, but they still believe it's acceptable to try to diminish a strong woman. How? By dismissing her valid criticisms as hissy fits or petulance.

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