Wednesday 25 April 2018

Martina Devlin: Healy-Rae fallout shows we're ringing the changes

So Jackpot Healy-Rae and his son Jackpot Junior have been linked to waste of public funds, parasitical behaviour and blatant opportunism. And nobody is surprised. Even the criticism has an air of resignation about it, while a string of jokes is doing the rounds.

As for the Jackpots, their response was to ignore the situation when it first reared its head, in the case of Jackpot Senior, and to try to brazen it out in Junior's case. The latter policy didn't wash this time, although the Jackpot habit of blanket bombing us with words until we feel dizzy, forget what was said and lose the will to interpret them has been to their advantage in the past.

So, have we gained anything from the scandal, in which phone calls were made from Oireachtas lines in support of Jackpot Junior's efforts to reposition himself as a fearless outdoors type, alligator-wrestler and all-round good egg raising money for charity? This was an image realignment which may have helped him to inherit his father's seat, incidentally.

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