Tuesday 12 December 2017

Martina Devlin: For the record – it's possible to be pro-choice and in favour of life

SO, a cardinal and three archbishops have ridden out in unison to defend unborn babies. They deserve a respectful hearing: all voices should be heard in this important debate. Now let's listen to what female archbishops have to say about it.

What, there aren't any? Then let some female Catholic bishops step forward. That's a blow, there don't appear to be any of them. In which case, female priests will have to do. My goodness, none of them in the Catholic Church either. Something of a pattern emerging.

Remind me again why anyone should be guided by this irredeemably male-only institution on the subject of women's health? I see, habit. Fortunately, habits can be broken, especially bad ones such as too tight a relationship between church and state.

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