Wednesday 13 December 2017

Jobstown fallout another example of why rules on Dáil privilege are in need of reform

Paul Murphy pictured outside the court Photo: Collins Courts
Paul Murphy pictured outside the court Photo: Collins Courts
Martina Devlin

Martina Devlin

A class warfare portrayal of events is the least convincing element to the Jobstown protest and subsequent court case. What happened there was not class warfare. I grew up in a working-class community where the values of decency and courtesy were prized - they are not the preserve of those born into privilege.

A working-class community is no less likely to accept the importance of treating everyone with respect, whether or not you agree with their views. However, it suits Solidarity TD Paul Murphy to frame everything to do with Jobstown and its aftermath as a downtrodden sector of society versus a golden circle.

Maybe he believes that fanning the flames will deliver votes when a general election is called. But the class warfare rallying cry is manipulative and socially divisive.

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