Saturday 17 November 2018

Daniel, old chap, sure you're one of our own

So, we have something in common with England after all, despite spending the last 800 years insisting we're night and day. Both countries are tripping over themselves to claim Daniel Day-Lewis as 'one of us'.

We can be touchy, narrow and judgmental about definitions of Irish identity, but we've suspended hostilities in Day-Lewis's case because he's arguably the most-gifted actor of his generation, and because we're vain (and still a little insecure) enough to be flattered that he wants to join our team.

In listing him as an Irish contender for an Academy Award for his role in 'There Will Be Blood', we're volunteering him to fly the tricolour. Meanwhile, the British have him waving the Union Jack -- with considerably more justification on paper, in fairness. But let's not overestimate the importance of technicalities.

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