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Sunday 15 September 2019

A little 2020 vision will keep us out of recession 

For the next few months economists will sniff over statistics like last Thursday's growth figures. And like wine buffs at a tasting they'll regale us with fancy terminology that we don't understand. "Good underlying momentum, blah blah blah." "Confidence gathering pace, blah blah blah." And so on. What really counts is not the next few months, or even next year. A stop-start process, the recovery has gone from an initial rebound in 2010 to sliding back towards (but not into) recession a year afterwards, then a brief recovery...

High time we gave our exporters credit they deserve 

Memo to news editors everywhere: Good news is also news and deserves to be covered. The news last week that the eurozone is now out recession was a shot in the arm. But can our economy, which slid back into recession recently, follow suit? As the detailed growth data shows, it wasn't countries with high levels of State spending, costs and debt that pulled euroland out of recession. It was (relatively) low-debt, low-cost Germany. Germany's growth is built not on the mirage of more debt-financed spending, but on the solid...

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