Monday 22 January 2018

Pandering to the masses has made politics impossible

Lucinda Creighton has declared her hand
Lucinda Creighton has declared her hand
Mandy Johnston

Mandy Johnston

As Greece basks in the glory of its revolution, here we await our own middle-class hero. Lucinda Creighton has promised to deliver more details this month about her new political project, a rebooted reboot no less.

Creighton's declaration that her ambition is to run a candidate in every constituency is a tactical manoeuvre designed to project confidence in a nascent "anonymous" political party. It is a deliberate plan to entice candidates and enlist public support.

Operating on the principle that success breeds success, Lucinda's promise of blanket representation encapsulates every geographical area in the country, and isolates none. This premeditated lack of definition means that while Lucinda and her band of merry men continue to define their unique selling point "Operation No-name" trundles on. For now, it is neither urban nor rural, neither is it liberal or conservative. The catch-all offering is designed to appeal to as many potential voters and candidates as possible. While the aspiration is commendable, it is inconceivable to anyone who has worked in politics that this is an ambition that can ever be realised by a new party at this juncture. As Lucinda chases candidates, there are life-changing considerations for anyone contemplating dipping their tiny toes into the shark-infested waters of Irish politics today.

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