Monday 19 February 2018

It's every man for himself as our embattled parties pivot on those pre-election pin heads

What happens when love breaks down?
What happens when love breaks down?
Mandy Johnston

Mandy Johnston

Coalition Governments are difficult enough when you are in them, but getting out of them requires delicate dexterity. Like a marriage, they are an entanglement of interests which do not make separation easy. Fine Gael and Labour are married, for now. But what happens when love breaks down?

Recent shenanigans, where both Government partners are reluctant to commit to a longer-term relationship, are the political equivalent of a bored couple creating profiles on Tinder to see what else is out there. And it's not just the Government parties, everyone is at it.

It is timely that we have a political stock take to see just where everyone is at in terms of political options. If the current miasma of options continues until election day, then the electorate is facing a kaleidoscope of possibilities without any real idea of what the final post-election political picture might be.

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