Wednesday 17 January 2018

After months on auto-pilot, it's time the Coalition took things up a gear

Pat Rabbitte was dropped
from Cabinet. Photo: Tom Burke
Pat Rabbitte was dropped from Cabinet. Photo: Tom Burke

With Garth Brooks and World Cup drama dominating the news, the Cabinet reshuffle had to take a back seat. While journalists, used to a regular diet of spin, were baying for a Government announcement to satisfy their copy deadlines, most people were otherwise preoccupied.

It is serious that because of the elections and subsequent Labour leadership campaign, the Government has been totally distracted for nearly three months now. It is as though the country was running on auto-pilot as ministers laid low in the hope of survival and/or promotion. A lengthy Labour leadership campaign was inappropriate for a party of Government.

But in my view, despite the whinging of the political correspondents, the two leaders were right to spend the time agreeing a substantive policy programme. Who gets what job is less important although the media are obsessed with this blood sport element.

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