Tuesday 20 November 2018

What our history really has to teach us about Big Jim Larkin

KEVIN Myers makes a very selective cull of Jim Larkin's long and stormy career to character-assassinate him and present a picture that is as unjustified as the 'union cult of Larkin' he seeks more legitimately to question.

As an equally selective quote from my speech at the commemoration to mark Larkin's death on January 30, 1947, is recruited to Mr Myers's task, I would like to respond to his virulent caricature of Larkin and the 1913 Lockout, which is one of the first major commemorative events of the current Decade of Centenaries.

Firstly, the full sentence from my speech, which Mr Myers quotes, reads: "If we are to be honestly true to the legacy of Jim Larkin, it behoves us to abandon our sectarian comfort zones and to devise the best strategy we can to protect and advance the cause of working people."

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