Monday 23 April 2018

We should force-feed Greens their bikes until they choke

On September 10, 1945, an American farmer named Lloyd Olsen chopped off the head of a Wyandotte chicken. The bird did not die. Indeed, it remained so much alive that Lloyd gave it a name, Mike, and began to feed food and water into its open gullet, using an eyedropper. Headless Mike lived for another 18 months, and only perished after choking on a corn-kernel in a motel in Arizona.

Ireland is now like Mike. We have no head, nor brain, nor eyes, nor ears, nor voice nor volition of any kind. We are being drip-fed government into our gullet by the Green Party, whom we did not elect, and biding until the day when the Greens finally overdo it, and kill us with the corn-kernel of ruinously high-taxation.

Either that, or we wrestle the Greens to the ground and force-feed them bicycle-parts and biodegradable wind-farms and their endless bloody sanctimoniousness, until they choke to death.

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