Monday 19 November 2018

RTE canteen is most important place in setting liberal agenda

Following the discovery of the dead bodies of the Cotswold florist Jude Richmond and of her nine-year-old daughter Millie in a flooded gravel-pit, ‘The Daily Telegraph’ reported: "Gloucestershire police have ruled out foul play, so two possibilities remain: accident, or suicide and infanticide."

It had never really occurred to me before that the triumph of the only-women-bleed mentality had advanced so far that a woman killing her nine-yearold daughter would not be considered “foul play”. Moreover, it certainly was not infanticide, for a girl of that age is not an infant: no, the poor little thing would have been fully aware of the horrors befalling her.

Now, I know few of the details of this tragedy, and if the woman killed her daughter, and then took her own life, she was probably deeply disturbed. But she did kill her own daughter. This is not merely foul play. It is murder. And it is not good enough to say, as the ‘Telegraph’ did: “What happened... may never be known for certain. But what is clear is that Mrs Richmond never stopped loving her little mascot.”

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