Monday 20 August 2018

Rewriting history cannot fix nature's cruel twists of fate

Kevin Myers

It would take a hard heart not to admire the courage and the tenacity of Dr Lydia Foy in legally confronting the state for ten years in the course of her campaign to get herself recognised as a woman.

Only a fool or a bigot would deny her that right now. Although born with the body of a man, she feels like a woman, and now looks like a woman, and the world is not made wiser or more humane by rejecting her application to be regarded as a woman, in every sense possible.

But when I read the proposal by the High Court judge, Mr Justice McKechnie, that we follow the British example and introduce something based on their Gender Recognition Act, I begin to get worried. Because one of the terms of that act is that the person concerned should have a new birth certificate issued in the gender and the name of the person the applicant now is, though without affecting the original birth certificate.

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