Sunday 25 February 2018

'No' vote gives us all a chance to take fresh look at Europe

THE 'No' vote was good: but better still was the hysterical reaction from those demophobic Europhiles, which merely served to confirm how right the 'No' vote was. For despite the shrill idiocies from the Eurocrats, Ireland has not said 'No' to Europe and 'Yes' to Auschwitz.

Ireland is not ungrateful for past European largesse, nor turned its back on the eastern European countries which wish to climb up the economic ladder, as we did. The EU is not a worse place today than it was last Thursday: indeed, it is a better place, because the Euro-elite has been told -- again -- that it cannot treat the electorates of Europe as mere rubber-stampers of their schemes. Even the term they use to describe their reluctant sorties into the public domain -- "the ratification process" -- confirms what we're here for: to faithfully and unfailingly ratify the decisions of the Eurocrats.

We did not say 'No' because we are selfish, short-sighted and small-minded: we said 'No' because we had the chance to. Indeed, every single electorate, with the exception of Luxembourg, would probably have said 'No' also -- which is why, of course, the eurologists prevented them from voting on the matter. Now I confess, I am a Eurosceptic -- more so than most of you. The EU I want consists of a series of trading partners who agree on a common moral and legal ethos, but with no political extension: that is, a commonwealth such as that enjoyed by the Greek city-states. At the most, I want the EU to have a common bargaining power when dealing with outsiders like the Russians.

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