Sunday 15 July 2018

My narrow escape from an ambush by the liberal left

We know what 'anti-war' and 'peace' mean in the current argot: it means Yanks out, ie, ditto, yet again

There are some things about the self-styled pieties of the liberal-left which are not just extraordinary, but are literally incredible; I mean literally so, in that my senses cannot accept them. It's almost like trying to taste yellow, or hear garlic, or see a song. Take, for example, an invitation I recently received for an event which occurred last night in Dublin Institute of Technology, Aungier Street. It came from an internet phenomenon known as Media Bite, and was entitled 'A Shot at Bias in the Media'.

Now, being a simple soul, I initially assumed that this title meant that the affair was all about ensuring a fair and balanced coverage on matters in the media -- that is, until I checked the names and credentials of my fellow invitees.

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